About Me

“Image is everything – and I mean this in the literal sense.”

Iain Gomes

Photographer / Designer

Iain Gomes

In today’s modern and exacting world, the importance of the right headshots cannot be denied. Professional headshot photography is more in demand than ever, and it plays a big role in how others see you and the impression you make – as an individual, as a company, or as a brand.

Image is everything – and I mean this in the literal sense.

My work as a photographer has taken me through a vast number of different situations and circumstances, and it has helped me hone my skills and talent in order to give you the best service you can possibly expect.

My history

You may be surprised at how I first started out – I began my career as an employee creating and delivering infrastructure process improvements for Barclays Investment Bank, Barclays Metals Ltd., Brandeis Investment Brokers Ltd., and ICAP.

But my passion for photography, even as a corporate employee, stood its ground.

Having been a dedicated wedding photographer for a good number of years, I know and understand what it takes to present you with the perfect headshots for whatever purpose you require, whether it’s for corporate use in your company, for commercial photography, headshots for specific networking sites such as Linkedin, for corporate events, and much more.

My work and expertise

Although I am based in London and began offering my services to clients in the area, I have been fortunate enough to have been to various destinations as a wedding photographer. I have been to different parts of the globe, from Australia for a wedding at the Sydney Opera House, to Hawaii, to Malta, Italy, and Switzerland, being the main photographer for some of the most amazing and memorable weddings I have ever seen.

I have also been able to work at a variety of prominent venues in and around London, including The Ritz, The Houses of Parliament, The Mayfair Hotel, the Hotel Café Royal, The Dorchester, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and places such as Scotland’s Skibo Castle. Additionally, I am the recommended photographer for London’s Painted Hall.

My style as a headshot photographer

When you enlist my services as a headshot photographer, I will get to know you first. To me, it’s important to know my subjects as well as I could so I can impart a little of their personality into my shots. I have found that this allows me to create the most ideal images that showcase the subject’s personality (and features) in the best possible way.

To me, natural photography is best. I strive to give my clients stunning images which are both natural as well as unobtrusive.

The equipment I use is only of the most advanced quality, as I also know that a good and talented photographer is nothing without their equipment. I look forward to working with you in creating striking and beautiful images that can personify what you are as a professional individual, what you are as a company, or what you are as an overall brand.