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Editorial & PR

When it comes to telling a story about your company or telling a story about a particular event, an individual, and more – often, the only way to bring it to life and make readers relate to what you are trying to say is to accompany it with stunning photos and images. These images should depict the subject in a natural, compelling, and interesting way – and this is where our editorial and PR service comes in.

Here at ProHeadShot, our primary focus is to give our clients exactly what they need, not only for marketing and promotional purposes, but for editorial and public relations purposes as well. If you have an upcoming office event or party, a social gathering, or any other socially-oriented event or happening, you can count on us to document it in a way that is suitable to your precise purposes.

Our solutions for our customers

Your editorial and public relations images can be used in a variety of ways. Unlike commercial photographs where your images will often be released to the public and will be used to promote a particular product or service, your editorial and PR images are expressly for your own use – in your newsletters, in your blog or your website, in documentary stories about your company, in newspapers and magazines, in journals and essays, and even in news broadcasts.

Wherever your event is – whether it’s at a museum, a gallery, a corporate office, a theatre, a trade show or exhibition, a sports stadium, and more – we will be there to highlight the special moments and transform your event into a visual representation of your company and brand.

We at ProHeadShot promise to give your editorial and PR images the visual impact they need yet maintain their factual and honest purpose as well. These images, after all, will tell your audience about your company, brand, or organisation – and if done correctly, they will leave a lasting positive impression.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you attain the best editorial and public relations images you require for your business.